REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2024 Western Canada Corvette Caravan to Bowling Green - Contact Gordon (info below) to have forms sent to you. Initial registration will not be expensive at $100 per person and will cover custom name tags (you send us a pic of your car and we put it on your name tag), dinner at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne, entrance to the Museum of American Speed in Lincoln and a Maple Leaf for the back of your car so we all know which Corvettes are our cars.

Hotels are blocked off and once you have registered the list of saved hotel rooms will be released to you. We will meet up with The Pacific Northwest group in Butte, MT and will take part in the events mentioned below. We will maintain our own identity and will have our own accomodations - They are a well run and friendly group so we will benefit from their experience and the great contacts they have made with dealers etc. on the way.

  • Itinerary: Depart Lethbridge the morning of August 23, 2024
  • Day 1

    Lethbridge to Butte - a get to know each other day - lunch at Great Falls - check out the Roadside Diner famous burgers - we can tour the falls and drive the Lewis and Clark National Forest
  • Day 2

    Butte to Cody - We will meet up with the Pacific Northwest Group and be driving one of the most beautiful highways in the USA according to Charles Kuralt, who had a news series called "On the Road with Charles Kuralt"...some of you may remember. It's called the Beartooth of the highlights of our caravan. This will be a spectacular drive that has pull outs for pictures, full of adventure and sights that you will remember forever. Check it out. If you don't want to drive the Beartooth, we have an alternate route planned for you. Lunch at Laurel Chevrolet.
  • Day 3

    Cody to Cheyenne - There will be a stop in Casper for lunch. Corvettes of Central Wyoming have arranged for parking and food truck at the Fairgrounds. Additionally, we have a dinner planned that evening at the Little America Hotel and Resort in their banquet hall. Afterwards, John Elegant, PNW Co-Captain will be leading an adventure sharing talk sprinkled with info on future C8 models along with what the C9 will bring. John is a walking, talking Corvette machine. You don't want to miss it!
  • Day 4

    Cheyenne to Lincoln - To start the day, we plan to have breakfast at Tyrrell Chevrolet. We'll have a wonderful drive across mid America taking in the sights!
  • Day 5

    Lincoln to Columbia - PNW have arranged to have the Museum of American Speed all to ourselves early in the morning for a private tour. The museum will have doubled in size with new exhibits since the 2014 Caravan. If you love cars and speed, you don't want to miss it! It's eye popping and jaw dropping! Our caravan will leave from their parking lot later in the morning. We have decided to avoid Kansas City and will make our way out of Lincoln using Hwy 77 south to Hwy 2. East on Hwy 2 to I-29 south to St. Joseph, MO. Then East on Hwy 36 to Macon and then finally south on Hwy 63 to Columbia.
  • Day 6

    Columbia to Bowling Green - Our last day on the road will end in Bowling Green where we'll have several days of fun at the NCM and factory tours if you sign up. There will be approximately 20 caravans arriving Bowling Green on this day... all arriving at predetermined times. Since we have a long day, we'll be arriving late in the afternoon. You can choose to drive to the NCM and cross the imaginary finish line or go directly to your hotel. It's up to you! There really is no need to go to the NCM that late in the day unless you want to because we will have already given you all your registration papers before the PNW caravan starts. You can show up at the NCM the following morning all rested up and enjoy your first day at this wonderful event.
  • Day 7, 8 and 9

    will be at the Corvette Museum.

Everyone is getting very excited about our caravan and arrival in Bowling Green, Kentucky next year. You should be excited because this will be a trip of a lifetime and we want to make it memorable for you. There are many of us who have traveled on previous caravans, but I know from my pre-registration list that this is the first time for many of you. So, I want to clarify some things.

- The National Corvette Museum (NCM) opened their registration on November 1st. Their website is I found that once on their website and signed in...go to the Events Section and then to On-Site Events.

- NCM registration is REQUIRED to be part of our WCCC caravan and is separate from our caravan.

I recommend registering with NCM sooner than later, but there will be lots of availability still in time to come. The cut off is 10,000 registrations. The registration fee is determined by your level of NCM membership or if you are a non-member. The fee is for each person in the is not for a couple. One fee. Driver and passenger...two fees to NCM regardless of membership level.

- Details of the NCM three day event to be announced as they are determined and scheduled via the NCM website. I will also try my best to alert everyone on my WCCC list via email as events are scheduled. Plant tours should also be available and I will advise as I get the information from our National Corvette Caravan Chairman.

- Your NCM packet, lanyard and credentials will be delivered by our team members. Ron Adam or myself will deliver your packet the morning we leave Lethbridge Alberta. We will do our best to make your trip enjoyable, but it is important to know that our responsibilities will end once we arrive Bowling Green. Once in BG...your three day experience will be coordinated by the NCM. We may plan events to which we will sort out during the coming months.

- Your return trip home is also a fun experience, but should be planned individually or with your friends. I am planning an optional return trip covering some Route 66 - Santa Barbara and the Coast Highway for those interested. This will also evolve over the next few months. PNW will have a Route Book planned for our PNW Caravan in Q1 of 2024 which will detail the entire trip from your origination points to Bowling Green. The Route Book will be digital so I can email it to you in a PDF format and make updates when needed/necessary. The Route book will also discuss Corvette preparation, packing tips and many other items of interest. We will also provide our Route Book in addition covering our hotels and seperate events. I will be sending out our Western Canada registration forms now upon your request. Again you can do the seperate Museum registration right away - it allows you to pick our Western Canada caravan. As mentioned above the Museum events are done on the museum registration.

If you want to discuss our trip, please give a call, text, email with your questions and/or comments.
Its going to be a fun cruise.
(403) 560 4620